Gree Rooftop Package Air-conditioner


Condensing fan blade:

The high-efficiency condensing fan blades are made of aluminum with high reliability, steady performance and longer operating life.

High-efficiency micro channel heat exchanger:

The micro channel heat exchangers can improve the heat transfer coefficient, and heat exchange efficiency can be increased by 30% compared with the normal fined tube exchanger.

Reliable compressor:

To achieve better performance, the high-efficiency compressor is used. The compressor contains an internal overload protector to ensure longer service life.

High-efficiency DC motor:

With the high-efficiency DC motor, power consumption is reduced by 35% under the same airflow volume.

Optimized base frame:

Universal base frame design, which is highly compatible and interchangeable, ensures easier and quicker installation and maintenance. The base frame of the unit is designed with forklift slots and rigging holes for easier transportation and installation. The firm casing can ensure safety during shipment and storage, which has been validated in Gree Vibration Laboratory.

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